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Zoom Preschool with Ms. Leslie

An action packed, social, fun and educational daily hour of learning!

3 classes start August 16th -- sign up now!

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"Ms. Leslie is the most incredible teacher I have ever come across in my many years of experience with 3 kids. Her ability to engage and teach in a way where the kids don't even know they're learning is awe-inspiring."

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Learn about our AMAZING classroom teacher

Your kids will love Ms. Leslie!

Leslie Diamond is a preschool teacher with over 20 years of experience in the classroom. She has taught preschool classrooms in Newton, MA, Austin, TX and Danville, CA, before seamlessly adapting her teaching skills to multiple Zoom classrooms that she has now taught since March, 2020.

For children this age to sit for a full hour requires fun challenges, engaging learning opportunities, social connections and of course, lots of fun! Leslie brings that and more to our preschool classroom.

Leslie Diamond

Read what Parents say about Ms. Leslie!

  • Ms. Leslie is the most incredible teacher I have ever come across in my many years of experience with 3 kids. Her ability to engage and teach in a way where the kids don't even know they're learning is awe-inspiring.

    Zoya V.
    Danville, CA
  • My girls absolutely love you and LOOOVE going to Zoom School! You have a special kind of energy that speaks directly to the little hearts and minds of our kiddos. They now ask me if they can go to school on the weekends!!

    Brianna M.
    Zoom School parent
    San Ramon, CA
  • We are so lucky to have you as Isaac's teacher! He has matured and learnt so much from you. He has transformed into loving school so much thanks to you!

    Sophia C.
    Danville, CA
  • I will take this opportunity to say how much we love your class and love you! Thank you so much Ms. Leslie!! We are so happy we found you...

    Jennifer P.
    Zoom School Parent
    Harrison Township, MI
  • Ms. Leslie's zoom school has been a lifesaver for us! It's been the most consistent thing in Zach's life, and he looks forward to it ever day. And, he's learned SO much! Thank you Ms. Leslie!

    Jessica S.
    Zoom School parent
    Alamo, CA
  • We are so lucky to have had you in our lives this year! You truly have a gift and you ARE a gift (and a really amazing person).

    Amanda S.
    Austin, TX
  • You are the best, Miss Leslie! Ryan was teaching me about pointillism last night:) Wish you could be his teacher forever!

    Katie E.
    Austin, TX
  • We love Ms. Leslie! We're so grateful to have found her Zoom preschool, to support learning at home. The kids are all so engaged, because there is always something fun happening and the time flies by. Thank you!

    Jaime M.
    Zoom School parent
    Anacortes, WA
  • We were just talking about how wonderful you are and your class! Julia is loving her time with you and she has blossomed since starting it! We are so happy we found you and your class. Thank you for all you do!

    Sujatha D.
    Zoom School Parent
    Norfolk, VA

Our Classrooms

We will have three classes starting August 16th, each with up to eight children aged three to six years of age.

Each action packed class passes very quickly and is guaranteed to engage your children with no parental assistance. It is designed to give caretakers a 1 hour break from parenting while your children learn and engage!

This Zoom class involves lots of class participation. Even remotely the children quickly connect with one another and become friends.

  • The Giraffes
    8:30-9:30 PT
    3-5 Years
    8 Class size
  • The Monkeys
    10:00-11:00 PT
    3-5 Years
    8 Class size
  • The Lions
    12:00-1:00 PT
    3-5 Years
    8 Class size

Our Classroom Features

Kids love all we do in our Zoom classroom!
  • Classroom Jobs

    Every day at the beginning we announce who has a class job that day.

  • Calendar

    The first job of the day is calendar helper. This is an opportunity to practice counting, literacy, and mastering the days of the week.

  • Literacy

    The letter of the day is picked out of a box. We learn its sound, we list words beginning with the letter, and learn how to make the lower-case version. 95% of written English is with lower-case letters, so that's what we concentrate on.

  • Geography

    Every day we learn interesting facts about three states, and the "state picker" selects their favorite. We then glue it on our big map of the United States.

  • Class Pet

    Close up, the children watch our leopard gecko, Lizzie Lizard, eat 3-4 juicy mealworms every day! Then every six weeks, when she sheds her skin, it is quite a spectacle.

  • Games

    The "Game Picker" selects a game such as the Memory Game, What's in the Box?, Animal Sounds and lots more. These games provide fun and challenging ways to hone concentration and memory skills.

  • Sign Language

    Step-by-step, the children learn sign language to popular songs, including Doe-a-Deer, What a Wonderful World, You've Got a Friend in Me, and more. Mastering a useful skill like this promotes confidence and pride in young children.

  • Movement Activities

    Halfway through Zoom, the "Movement Picker" selects a dance activity. We all stand up, shake out our legs, and do The Chicken Dance, play Freeze Dance, the Macarena and many more fun choices!

  • Science Experiments

    Kids LOVE science experiments, and we do too! Wait till you see a balloon being blown up by itself and rainbows appearing before your eyes!

  • Story Time

    At the end of our hour, the "Story Picker" gets to select from three carefully selected books. Everybody gets comfortable and cuddles up at story time.

  • Lots More

    We have birthday parties, holiday celebrations, directed drawing, talent shows and every Thursday, Show-and-Tell!

Zoom Class Pricing

  • $300 / month

    • $15/class average price is less than the cost of babysitting
    • Classes are designed to not need parent participation at all
    • A 5-day a week commitment allows friendships to blossom
    • Continuity is important for preschoolers
    • Children thrive with a routine
    • Siblings receive a $100/month discount

    We won't send an invoice until you decide Ms. Leslie's Zoom class is right for you

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is each class?

1 hour

What time are Zoom classes?

We anticipate our initial classrooms will be in the morning hours, Pacific time, but we will work with our classroom families to arrive at a time that works best for all.

What parent prep do I need to do each day?

Our classes are designed to give parents a break from parenting for an hour. All the children need is paper and crayons.

How do I get started?

Click on the button above to enroll or try a class, with absolutely no obligation!

Is the classroom hour structured?

We've found that children find comfort from routine, so our Zoom sessions are highly structured. We do most of the features in the list above every day, and others one or more times a week. The hour flies by!

What will my child learn?

Letters, numbers, social-emotional skills, geography, dance moves, sign language and so much more. They'll even learn a few good jokes!

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