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We are the longest-running dedicated site for preschool teachers

Here are some of the reasons we've been helping preschool teachers in all 50 states keep classroom families connected for over 12 years...

  • You can learn how to use us in under 5 minutes
  • You can easily customize our framework to meet your classroom's needs
  • You can upload an UNLIMITED number of photos (parents LOVE photos!)
  • You can create online sign up sheets in under 1 minute
  • You can setup your classlist from a text or Excel file, if you have one
  • You can send unlimited emails, and even see which parents have opened them
  • You can setup your classroom before letting parents see it, and there's never a charge while you're doing this, and
  • While most teachers don't need our help, we are ALWAYS here and there's never a charge for support

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We are happy to help you see what your classroom could look like, and how easy it is to use

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Welcome to MyClassroomConnection

A connected parent makes an involved child

We are the EASIEST website for Preschool Teachers to use!

  • Classroom News

    News and information you want parents to see is easily posted on your classroom's Home Page. And, you can include a link parents can click on to directly go to a document, photo album or sign up sheet so parents can easily access something you've referred to.

  • Calendars

    Calendar events are easily created, and with our extensive library or graphics that can easily be included, your calendar will look perfect for the preschool family to view.

  • Class List

    Student, teacher and staff information is easily entered, or even uploaded from a spreadsheet, if you have one. You can include photos if you'd like, or even hide specific information for those parents who want to remain more private.

  • Sign Up Sheets

    No more struggling to create a sign up sheet, only to have parents not notice it's posted on the door. Sign up sheets are created with a few clicks, and parents sign-up online and can even request the website send them an email to remind them of an upcoming event they've signed-up for.

  • Newsletters

    Documents of all types, such as parent handbooks, weekly newsletters, curriculum or anything else, can be easily uploaded or created directly on the website.

  • Email

    You can easily send email to a parent or the entire class, and administrators can easily send email to all school parents or teachers.

  • Customizable

    If you want to add a section about teachers on the Home Page, add a new menu item for Recipes or Parent Resources, or make any changes to show parents the structure that works for you, it's all easily done.

  • Fully Supported

    Most teachers make changes to their classroom on their own, such as adding new sections to the Home Page or adding new pages to the parent's menu. But, if that's not you, relax, grab a cup of coffee and contact us. We will always help you keep your classroom looking as you'd like, and there is NEVER a charge for technical support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would a website for parents be good for us?

Well kids sure do the darndest things in school and we believe it should be shared. Our service allows teachers to share some of the amazing things kids do daily in class. Further, as we all know, schedules can change rapidly so the ability to offer parents a service to access announcements or event info is extremely helpful. In our experience, parents love having this access and it makes teachers look even greater!

Why do I need this, we already have a school website?

Our goal is to make your life a little easier.  MyClassroomConnection simply enhances the website you currently have for your school by providing you with a secure online classroom where you can communicate announcements, post photos and share events with your parent audience.  Our service can easily be integrated into your current website with a click of a button.  Teachers and parents can then access our service via your website with a simple log in password.  Each of your classrooms is able to have their online classroom.  So you can keep your current website and integrate our service, or you can also use one of our websites.

How do I get started?

Getting started with MyClassroomConnection is easy.  Just register online and in minutes you will have your own log in to start creating your own online classroom.  That’s it!

How long does it take to get my online classroom up and running?

Once you register on our site, your classroom is up and running immediately.  You can add your class list, post classroom news and announcements, upload a newsletter or photos, or do whatever else you want to do to customize your classroom.  Once you are ready, simply create a parent login, give it out to your parents, and you're all set!  If you need any assistance with setting up your classroom, our customer service is available to help you 24/7.

Is it possible to test out your solution?

Absolutely, and we encourage you to.  We offer a free 30 day trial so that you can test out our product to see if it satisfies your school needs.  We find that most of our users love our service right off the bat and perhaps that’s why our retention rate exceeds 97%.

I am a home-based daycare provider.  Can I use your website?

Yes you can. Our service is used by hundreds of schools, daycare centers and even church groups

I don't work well with computers.  Will you help me set up our website?

Absolutely, our customer service is available 24/7 and we would be happy to assist you.  Our service was actually designed with the help of preschool teachers to make it as user friendly as possible, so we have found that most users find our service refreshingly easy to use no matter how proficient you are with computers.

What if I sign up and am not satisfied?

You can register online for our service and do a 30 day free trial with no strings attached.  If you register for our service and find that you were unsatisfied after using it for a year, then we will only charge you for the months you used it.

Is it really only $15 a month for each classroom?  Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs.  We are a company that is proud of our product and service, and realize that school budgets are tight.  Therefore, we offer what we believe is an outstanding product at a very affordable cost.

Why don't you have an App I can install?

To provide the most functionality and to provide a similar interface on all devices -- phones, tablets and desktops -- we have what is known as a "Progressive Web App".

Progressive Web Apps are actually websites that look and feel like an app. This means users can access all information and capabilities without downloading or installing anything, using modern web technology to deliver app-like experiences to users, right in their browsers.

Just like a native app, you can add a shortcut and access our website directly from a screen icon

Is everything in my classroom really private and secure?

Absolutely, we provide you with a password protected log in so that only you can access your site.  We understand how paramount privacy is in schools, so we have built in measures to protect it.

Read what our Users Say About Us!

  • Love the site, very easy to use, parent friendly, just can't say enough.

    Diane Allen
    Preschool Teacher
    Plaistow NH
  • I've been using My Classroom Connection for 10 years now and it has not only been a very helpful tool for parents, but turns out to be a great selling point for my Toddler Program.

    Terese Bradshaw
    Preschool Director/Teacher
    Novato CA
  • My Classroom Connection is a wonderful tool to have in my day care! I love it and so do my parents. It's a great way for my parents to keep up with what's going on at our school.

    Ramona Wilson
    Owner and Director
    Richmond TX
  • When we launched our class website the communication between our office staff, the teachers, and the parents vastly improved! No one is in the dark anymore!

    Bobbi Cassettari
    Preschool Director
    Lafayette CA
  • My Classroom Connection is working beautifully in our Early Learning Center! The parents are loving it and the staff is thankful that it is so user friendly!

    Steph LaFrankie
    Preschool Director
    Elizabeth PA
  • We LOVE this site! It is getting rave reviews from staff & parents alike.

    Carolyn Burke
    Preschool Director
    Alexandria, VA
  • I think all preschool classrooms should utilize this tool - eco-friendly, professional and organized. Love it!!

    Sherry Pollard
    Daycare Owner
    Okeechobee, FL
  • Love the website. My parents are all thrilled with it. So easy to use. I will definitely recommend to my friends.

    Terese Bradshaw
    Preschool Teacher
    Novato, CA
  • I LOVE THIS TOOL!! It is so easy and makes me and my co-teacher look soooo good.

    Terri Moye
    Preschool Teacher
    Alpharetta, GA
  • Our parents and staff L-O-V-E this new website and I could not be happier with our decision to go with MyClassroomConnection!

    Bobbi Cassettari
    Preschool Director
    Lafayette, CA
  • You've been a dream to work with and your website is really useful...and fun and easy to use.

    Kira Sanders
    Preschool Owner
    Modesto, CA
  • We LOVE your site...our parents do too!! We could not be happier with your site and service.

    Peg Matson
    Preschool Director
    Lafayette, CA
  • It is just such a pleasure to use and update my classroom website. It saves us so much paper and it's fun.

    Caren Carpenter
    Preschool Teacher
    Newton, MA
  • I am so happy with your website. I sing your praises to everyone I know.

    Terese Bradshaw
    Preschool Director/Teacher
    Novato, CA

    Elizabeth Knebel
    Preschool Parent
    Roseville, CA
  • You've been a joy to work with.

    Debbie Swartzel
    Preschool Director
    Charlotte, NC

How does it Work?

  • Sign In as Teacher or School Administrator

    Classroom teachers use their Teacher Login ID and Password to access the classroom as a teacher. If your school has multiple classrooms, an administrator can use their Administrator Login ID and Password to access any classroom or easily maintain school-wide content.

  • Make Changes to your Classroom

    Only teachers can make changes to the classroom. All changes are simple to make, with no training required, and you can easily switch back and forth between making changes as a teacher and seeing the classroom as a parent sees it.

  • Let Parents Know

    Once you're done, send parents an email with one click letting them know there is new content.

  • Parents Sign In

    Parents use their Parent Login ID and Password to access the classroom as a parent.

  • Parents Start at the Classroom Home Page

    The Home Page shows updated news, links to photo albums or documents, the classroom calendar and more. As teacher, you are able to easily configure the Home Page to show the content you want parents to see.

  • Parents Access Photo Albums, Newsletters, Sign Up Sheets and all else!

    All classroom content is available once a parent logs in. No more searching for the class list or latest handout, it's all available online at any time.

What does it Cost?

We charge $15/month for your classroom, but we do not charge for months when school is not in session.

This allows teachers to setup their classrooms over the summer months at no cost. And, we offer a 10% discount for an annual payment.

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